Before giving any sport or activity the tag of “extreme,” it has to have passed specific criterias. Like most people, I too consider skydiving as an unnecessary “tempt of fate.”

Of course, the sport looks and feels like fun, but the danger to life is on a high should anything go wrong. So, yes, skydiving is an adrenaline-filled fun sport, but isn’t it going too far?

In the course of this post, I will highlight my takes on skydiving and the possibilities of it being an extreme sport.

Is Skydiving An Extreme Sport

Closely observing skydiving and how it works, you would understand why it is an extreme sport. However, before tagging any sport “extreme,” you first need to know what surrounds that activity.

I bet you understand that skydiving involves jumping off a plane at a very high altitude – followed by several acrobatic free fall movements.

The good thing about this sport is that skydivers can mitigate the risks by understanding their equipment,  even with the sport being extreme. 

I consider skydivers as one of the most alert people because this sport requires quick thinking and excellent cognitive skills. 

Although explaining it in words rather than with videos might not do enough justice, understand that this sport is extreme, dangerous, but fun!

In fact, some dictionary definitions refer to it as extreme skydiving.

What makes skydiving extreme?

I’ll list out my researched reasons on why I consider it an extreme sport;

  • It possesses high life risks.
  • Presence of high adrenaline rush.
  • You are falling from a high altitude at an increased speed.
  • You barely get a second run if things go wrong.

Is Skydiving The Most Dangerous Sport

No, skydiving is not the most dangerous sport. In fact, if you look closely at other extreme sports, you would see that skydiving is one of the most performed “dangerous stunts.” 

Let me put it this way – is skydiving the most dangerous sport? No. Is skydiving a dangerous sport that most people are likely to try? Yes

Honestly, there are not many dangers in skydiving until the last couple of feet. Sure, there are few mid-air collisions with fellow skydivers, but it mainly occurs in obstacle-free areas.

However, when you look at a sport like parkour, you would understand that these athletes are pretty much in danger 100% of the time.

Notwithstanding, skydiving is extreme but is not the most dangerous sport. I will not even place it among my top five most dangerous sports. 

What are my top five most dangerous sports?

In no specific order, my top five dangerous sports are;

  • Big wave surfing.
  • Street luge.

How Scary Is Skydiving?

Here’s the deal with skydiving; it is dangerous but not so scary. Most professional skydivers till today still feel a slight rise in heart rate before jumping off the plane. 

However, from past experiences, skydiving is scary before jumping off the plane and landing your feet on the ground. But, the in-between is more fun than scary.

There are tons of misconceptions about skydiving; it is dangerous – no doubt, but slightly scary. 

Once you can overcome the initial jumping scare, you would wish to go again, except your dive went wrong.

From my experience and other surveys, I will rate skydiving a 6 in terms of being scary on a 1 – 10 rating scale.

Things To Consider When You Doing Skydiving For The First Time

You might have decided you are dashing out of that plane after overcoming the fear. However, before jumping out of the plane with your guide, there are a few things to consider.

Let’s see those essential factors to consider as a first-time skydiver.

  • Weather

It determines if your jump will happen or get delayed.

  • Breakfast 

I’d advise that you eat like you usually would, but keep it light.

  • Clothing 

Pick a jumpsuit that makes your movement easy and comfortable.

  • The Anticipation 

It usually has a lot of mixed emotions ranging from scared to excited.

  • Safety 

Follow your guide’s instructions.


I know anyone who hasn’t had the chance to skydive might consider it scary, dangerous, and extreme. Yes, it is those things, but you must understand that it is more fun than scary.

As for the potential danger and life threats, this is real if not performed safely. Regardless, before skydiving, ensure you have considered all the stated tips, and you have an experienced skydiver with you.