I must say that during my first findings, it continued to baffle me how people decide to tempt fate. Like many people, I’d instead take precautions when it comes to outdoor activities.

According to Erik Monasterio’s 2014 research, he believed that athletes have a higher sensation-seeking attitude than the average populace.

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Regardless, let me take you through my findings regarding the love for extreme sports.

  • Respect and Accomplishment

You know, one of the significant driving forces for any athlete is the “competitive spirit.” Taking it even further, the extreme sports athletes feed off the drive to compete and gain respect.

Generally, some of these athletes might not have been risk-takers from a younger age, but the spirit of competition transformed their thinking. 

The need to gain respect and a sense of accomplishment by overcoming events drives these athletes. I believe these athletes live off the excitement of setting the bars higher in sports. 

For instance, the “Ironman triathlon” consists of a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 miles bike race, and a 26.2 miles run – all requiring completion without a break

Completing this triathlon results in athletes achieving the utmost respect in their careers.

  • The Risk-Taking Thrill

Everyone has, at one point in life, felt the sudden rush of adrenaline. It could be rushing to meet a deadline or being seated in a roller coaster ride. 

However, the thrill comes from the heightened sensational pressure rush built in your chest. And these athletes love the rush of adrenaline they get from engaging in extreme sports. 

The “high” speak, translating to being involved in daredevil stunts, automatically drives them to participate in these sports.

  • Way To Overcome Issues

Although some people would argue this reason; however, this is one of the primary reasons most get into extreme sports. 

Most people who deal with or have experienced traumatic events tend to use extreme sports to overcome them.

In addition, extreme sports have proven to be a means of relieving athletes and people that get bored quickly.

3 Reasons Why Extreme Sports Are Good

Clearly, there’s no disputing the dangers and challenges extreme sports possess. However, looking closely at these sports, you would notice the “good” attached to them.

What can possibly be good about taking high life risks? I was like you until I found answers to my questions. I will highlight some of the “good” things about extreme sports.

  • Less Fear, Builds Courage

Undoubtedly, anyone engaged in extreme sports can attest to it being able to toughen individuals. 

Extreme sports allow you to build on your courage by allowing to face different stunts you once feared.

The idea behind most extreme sports is the fact that it takes you out of your comfort zone. When this happens, your body and mind develop genuine fear management skills.

  • Increased Self-Confidence

Aside from building the courage to overcome fear, extreme sports have proven effective in increasing an individual’s self-confidence. 

Some studies have been able to link extreme sports with boosts in self-confidence. If you doubt this “good” attribute of extreme sports, think about it in-depth.

After pushing yourself to the limits with ending accomplishments, it can make any individual proud and self-satisfied.

  • Achieved Fitness

As you know, regular sports helps an individual get into shape – with constant engagements. Further studies have shown that extreme sports provide even faster body fitness for athletes.

Athletes engaging in these activities lose weight, strain muscles, burn calories, and build their cardio physique. All these will help anyone to achieve the fitness they require.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Extreme Sports?

As the name states, extreme sports take your body to its limits by giving athletes the “rush of adrenaline” feeling. 

I understand the “rush” because I was once into sports, and it can be exciting. However, there are two sides to achieving this rush and exciting state, especially with extreme sports. 

Let me take you through the pros and cons attached to extreme sporting activities.


  • Confidence booster.
  • You gain higher achievements.
  • There is the presence of thorough physical development.
  • It allows you to attain a balanced psycho-emotional state.


  • Injuries are pretty standard.
  • It takes a significantly heavy toll on the body.
  • Safety equipment is pretty expensive.
  • It puts your loved ones in a state of constant fear.

4 Great Benefits Of Extreme Sports

I know you might be thinking, “why people love it, the good, pros, and benefits of the same sport” – isn’t it the same? 

However, the benefits of extreme sports will focus on the things it does for the body and mind of an athlete. Here are my top four benefits of extreme sports.

  • You Attain An Ability To Stay Centered

How can this possibly make you centred or calm? Generally, it is easy for a first-timer to lose your cool and feel unbalanced when engaging in extreme sports.

However, for athletes constantly engaging in it, there is a change in their mind’s chemical makeup

Once this happens, you are more capable of remaining centered, even during stressful situations. 

  • Improved Physical and Mental Balance

Individuals with a mild or low sense of balance can attest to extreme sports improving on this area in their lives. Consistent practice it allows them to work on those areas to improve them.

Extreme sports help you learn how to become more aware of things, and you become less clumsy (if you are). However, this happens with consistent practice.

  • Builds Social Interactions

Some studies have linked socialization with cognitive functionality as being critically essential for human growth. And my research has shown that extreme sports hold high remarks for increasing social interactions

The reason for this is because it primarily involves many people who are in constant interactions. And when these people engage in extreme sports together, conversations get started and bonds happen.

  • Stretches Your Comfort Zone

Most people involved in extreme sports currently, at one point, thought of it as a “no go area.” Their “comfort zone” was much smaller than it is. They often resented the idea of performing anything sport that will challenge their current physical ability.

However, extreme sports pushed them to the limits and expanded their comfort zone. And as you know, going beyond your comfort zone allows you to achieve more incredible things in life.


I understand that following regular thinking, there’s nothing attractive about endangering your life. However, when you look closely at extreme sports, you begin to see the beauty it possesses.

Although I have stated the pros, “good,” and benefits of extreme sports, it doesn’t take away the obvious dangers and cons attached. 

I’d advise that you achieve mental and physical preparedness for an extreme sport before engaging in it. Additionally, you should seek a professional for assistance when engaging in it.