Generally, anyone watching bungee jumping would think, “this is an amazing and action-filled sport.” While that may be true, there are some downsides to the sport.

Unlike what you’d expect, bungee jumping attracts several injuries – even when the sport seems to have gone right. 

Minus these injuries, bungee jumping is an exciting sport that will thrill anyone once they can overcome the fear. However, the question remains, is bungee jumping an extreme sport?

Is Bungee Jumping An Extreme Sport

I have always been fascinated by engaging in “high rush of adrenaline” sports. However, I decided to research bungee jumping and the possibilities of it being an extreme sport.

Following my research and one-time participation in the sport, I consider bungee jumping as an extreme sport. In fact, I rank it quite high on my list of extreme sports.

My reasons for tagging it as extreme include;

  • Bungee jumping possesses high risks.
  • It packs a lot of adrenaline and mixed emotions.

Some experts, especially the operators handling the equipment, might not refer to it as extreme. However, you must understand that bungee jumping checks out all criteria boxes for being referred to as extreme.

Is Bungee Jumping Dangerous

If you plan to create your mini bungee jumping site or go unsupervised, it is dangerous. Regardless, bungee jumping with supervision only makes it less difficult.

Here’s the truth, modern commercialized bungee jumping has become pretty safe, but it doesn’t downplay the dangers of the sport entirely.

Is bungee jumping dangerous? Yes. Can you safely practice bungee jumping? Yes. Let’s put it into a clearer perspective; you are more likely to get severely injured or killed driving your vehicle than bungee jumping.

Which Is More Extreme, Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

Personally, this comparison of extreme sports is between flying and falling. Regardless, both sports require that you take a step off a high platform – either a ledge or an aeroplane.

These two extreme sports put the “fear of height” to the test for people with this phobia. However, which is more extreme?

First off, in skydiving, as a first-timer, you mainly take the jump with an instructor or guide to ensure your safety. On the other hand, bungee jumping is a solo leap sport – no instructor. 

Regardless, I’ll compare both sports in different areas to ascertain the most extreme.

  • The Feel

Bungee jumping will feel like the biggest regular jump you have ever taken. It is fast, filled with an intense rush, and you get that stomach-sink feeling. 

However, skydiving is free, with less stomach-sink feeling and a downplayed rush intensity. Moreover, you will often find skydiving more exciting and enjoyable than bungee jumping.

  • Fear Factor

According to some surveys, most people rated bungee jumping as the scarier extreme sport. And it is understandable because you are falling faster than flying in skydiving.

Your brain lets you know that you are falling hard and fast when bungee jumping – increasing the fear factor. Whereas in mid-air skydiving, your brain gets the relaxed feel as you fly.

  • Safety

Although both sports are extreme and dangerous, they are often safe with professional supervision. 

Generally, I consider bungee jumping as a more extreme sport than skydiving. Although bungee jumping equipment is safer than skydiving, the adrenaline rush and danger is higher.

Things To Consider When Bungee Jumping For The First Time

Bungee jumping is a dangerous extreme sport; however, there are ways to mitigate its risks. These ways include some things you need to consider when performing it.

The things to consider include;

  • The location.
  • Your jump operator.
  • Your health and physical status – no injuries.
  • Your meal before the jump – should be light.
  • Check your body weight.
  • The height of the jump.
  • Your clothing – keep these comfortable and snug.


As you now know, bungee jumping is an extreme sport, but it is one of the most performed dangerous stunts. Although it can be dangerous, the equipment helps to mitigate the risks.

In terms of “most extreme,” I consider bungee jumping as more dangerous than skydiving. However, you can use the stated things to consider to make bungee jumping less extreme.