I guess your mind might be thinking windsurfing to be another leisure recreational activity. 

Although you are not wrong; however, windsurfing also happens to be a sport.

Generally, windsurfing (or boardsailing) is a type of surface water sport that involves sailing and surfing a one-person sailboard. 

In my experience windsurfing, I found out that windsurfing is one of the fastest sailing crafts. 

Primarily, windsurfers usually go faster than water skiers at about 25 to 35 mph

Furthermore, I will be sharing some of my gathered knowledge from years of windsurfing with you. Let’s dive in.

Is Windsurfing A Sport?

Firstly, yes, windsurfing is a sport. 

It is a type of surface water sport combining the act of sailing and surfing. 

In every one of my windsurfing experiences, some surfers tend to refer to it as either boardsailing or sailboarding. 

In windsurfing as a sport, there are mainly two distinct interest groups – riding and racing. 

Either of these groups partakes in a professional World Title championship that awards the overall winner. 

Initially, the development of windsurfing came about in California around the 1960s. 

Since then, its athletes have played the sport either as an open ocean or indoor pool game. 

Like many other sports, windsurfing has several terminologies used by athletes and judges. Some of those windsurfing terms include;

  • Daggerboard.
  • Fin.
  • Beach starts.
  • Rig.
  • Gust.
  • Harness.
  • Mast.
  • Port.
  • Uphall
  • Universal joint.

How to windsurf?

When I started windsurfing, my instructor introduced me to several techniques like jibes, water starts, jumps, and tacks. 

If you are a novice, I’d advise you to learn the equipment thoroughly because it will help you understand the techniques. 

However, learning how to balance yourself on the water is paramount if you already know the equipment.

After learning your balance, go to the water where the daggerboard doesn’t touch the ground. 

Then, stand on the board. You should hold the mast to yourself using the windsurfing trapeze and maintain your balance.

When you have gotten the right balance, the next step is to take control of the wind. 

Firmly hold the mast while letting it swing harmoniously with the wind. 

This is the primary “how-to” method; with furthermore practice, you will create your techniques to windsurf.

Is Windsurfing An Extreme Sport?

Plainly, yes, it is – windsurfing can be an extreme sport, depending on the athlete. 

Before I learned the sport, I was very skeptical about engaging in it due to the high physical exertion and possible dangers.

However, I can certainly tell you that you decide whether you want your windsurfing experience to be extreme or not.

But, generally, it is an extreme sport – the fast-paced movements, elements of danger, and plenty of special gear. 

Nevertheless, before any sport gets the tag of being “extreme,” there are some criteria that need checking off – and windsurfing meets all.

Some of the criteria windsurfing check off as an extreme sport includes;

High Physical Exertion Level

Windsurfing demands a lot of physical effort; virtually everybody’s muscle is active during each surf or sail. 

For instance, your arm muscles are constantly in tension on the boom. 

While your leg muscles must maintain proper balance – regardless of the shock waves across the water, even the neck muscles are constantly used to crane your views sideways to focus your eyes.

During low wind conditions, long surfing utterly takes a physical toll on your body. 

From experience, windsurfing exerts your body no matter how you want to surf, making it an extreme sport.

High Risk

Whatever expert level surfer you are, the high risk in windsurfing is always present. 

Based on experience, injury risks increase the moment you decide to be more severe with windsurfing.

Here’s the truth, the dangers of windsurfing are high mainly because it involves surfers slicing through the water at high speed. 

Therefore, if you want to engage in this sport, you must pay close attention to slight/sudden wind direction changes.

However, I’d advise that you must be confident if you ever want to grow in windsurfing. 

The reason for this is because any slight mistake might result in a potential sprain, cut, dislocated shoulder, or fracture.

Fast-Paced Movements

This is a necessary criterion before terming a sport extreme. For example, the idea of windsurfing is to be fast and faster – never a slow surfing moment.

Generally, windsurfers reach an unbelievable amount of speed when conditions are fair and prime. 

On average, recreational windsurfers reach about 25 to 35 mph, cutting across the water – believe me, this is ridiculously faster than you think.

Since you have a glimpse of the sport’s fast-paced nature, now imagine the speed level expert surfers might reach. 

It simply has to have the tag “extreme.”

Is Windsurfing Still Popular?

Unlike the prime days of windsurfing, these times have seen this sport almost entirely sidelined and overrun by others. 

One primary reason for the decline in popularity is the low number of teachers for the sport.

According to a 2001 published article, the number of windsurfing participants fell by a whopping 71.4% between 1995 and 2000. 

I believe some of the reasons for the decline in those periods include;

  • The introduction of kitesurfing.
  • It seemed too difficult to master.
  • Windsurfing depends highly on the weather.
  • High cost.
  • It appeared to be only for the macho-men.

Regardless of the 1995 to 2000 decline, I also believe the sport isn’t dying or dead. 

You want to know why? Some of my optimistic reasons are;

  • Most people want a challenge, and windsurfing offers it.
  • It allows for open ocean exploration.
  • The fast-paced nature attracts a lot of people. 
  • Many sailing athletes are beginning to promote it.

Why Is Windsurfing The Best Sport?

Although windsurfing often gets tagged as extreme and the possible injuries attached are a bit severe, I’d still suggest it the best sport. 

You might not agree at first, but once you get familiar with the sport and how to go about it, you would understand what I mean. S

ome reasons I suggest windsurfing as the best sport include;

Use A Day to Learn and Forever to Master

Unlike many other sports, you can learn windsurfing within a day (at least the basics). 

It only looks challenging, but it is not exactly difficult to learn. 

But, like most sports, you might spend your entire career mastering all-new techniques.

It Has Freestyle, Races, and Surf Competitions

Windsurfing fits into everyone’s wants and needs as a sport with various disciplines. 

If you want to go out for a freestyle surf or compete in a grand competition, you can.

Windsurfing Takes You To HotSpot Location Around The World

You get to try out new waters, waves and balance your weight on various oceanic currents. 

In addition, you will visit renowned locations with some of the best views for windsurfing around the world.

Chance To Battle The Elements

Windsurfing and the weather are simultaneous workers because they enable the surfer to get the best out of surfing. 

In addition, the idea of being able to battle one of nature’s elements creates an exciting and thrilling experience for athletes.

Improves Your Stamina and Strength

During every toggle of war between yourself, your board, and the weather, your body unintentionally builds itself – thereby improving your stamina, strength, and overall physique.


Windsurfing is a sport, and not only that, I would even consider it an extreme one – in most cases. 

However, as I earlier stated, this sport requires confidence to engage and enjoy it. 

Forget about the dying ideology some people have towards the sport. On the contrary, windsurfing is gradually gaining momentum amongst other high-ranked water sports. 

And I believe in a short while, the number of windsurfing athletes would double.